NFL Weekend 1 in the Books

Weekend #1 is in the books and well basically, there is a lot to talk about. Drama has surrounded the whole preseason, whether it be Brett Favre’s return from retirement AGAIN, Michael Vick’s return to football, or Donte Stallworths tragic crash…I for one wanted some news to occur on the field.

This weekend, the main story was probably Brett Favre’s true debut with the Minnesota Vikings. Of course, all eyes were on Favre who went 14-21 with 110 yards and one touchdown (of 4 yards). Not bad for an old man who still loves the game more than anyone else in the league. You can love him or hate him but one thing Brett Favre does is get the job done.

However, with Adrian Peterson on your team and playing the Cleveland Browns, they could have thrown Joey Harrington into the game and stood a chance. Peterson went for 25 carries and 180 yards, oh and not to mention 3 touchdowns. He ran with both feet but single handedly destroyed my fantasy team to the tune of 40.80 points so thanks for that.

Favre’s old stomping grounds, Lambeau Field in Green Bay saw the Packers beat the Chicago Bears to the tune of 21-15. However, you Packers fans might want to slow down the pat on the backs for now. The Bears lost 3 key defensive players throughout the game, including Brian Urlacher, possibly the most dominant defensive player in the league. Also, for those thinking that Jay Cutler was playing for the Packers, it was just a mirage. Those 4 passes completed were just interceptions and marked his career’s worst game. However, the game was won by the Packers with a late 4th quarter drive led by Aaron Rodgers and was capped with a 50 yard pass to Greg Jennings with 1:11 reminded…only fitting to have a Favre-esque finish.

Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles scored a win over the Carolina Panthers 38-10 despite Donovan McNabb cracking a rib in the 3rd quarter. Reports are that he will possibly play next weekend, and definitely by two weekends. Kinda makes me sad that Vick is still ineligible for the next two weekends though, being one of the most entertaining and able athletes in the NFL today. Jake Delhomne was booed heavily though as he walked off the field after throwing 5 interceptions on the night and finished with a passer rating of 14.7 and 73 yards. In the last two games that Delhomne has played has consisted of….get this, 9 interceptions and 1 fumble lost. Come on Jake! Make us North Carolina boys proud again.

NFL week one is in the books and the best news about the whole ordeal, we are able to count the NFL weeks again. We a few sloppy plays, some great drives, yet no punts hit the Cowboys jumbotron! Adrian Peterson, try to score just a couple touchdowns next time I am playing you in fantasy. Jay Cutler, return to your glory days and give the Bears a shot at a Super Bowl this year. And finally, Donovan McNabb, get well soon.

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