Christmas Blog that is Real Nice Clark!

Christmas time is officially here and with just a couple of more days to go, I am hoping you guys are done with your Christmas shopping! I, for one, have not started yet. It is the “guy” in me I guess. I will probably run out this afternoon and get some gifts but I am in no hurry. 🙂 A funny thing about Christmas is how everyone has their own routines. Many of them are what we have been doing since we were little kids.

For me, number one thing, I have to have a real Christmas tree. Without this, it will not feel like Christmas. And for those of you with fake trees and “Christmas tree” candles, it is not the same. No matter how much you tell yourself, it is not the same! Also, if I don’t watch Christmas Vacation, it wouldn’t be Christmas. My mom still cries from laughing so hard when we watch it. We’ve watched it every Christmas Eve for the last 10 years or so.

The one thing that IS different for me this year is the appreciation I have for our soldiers overseas. Writing some of these blogs (Medal of Honor / Honoring our heroes of Patriot Day, etc.) has given me a chance to really look at the sacrifices that many people make each and every day to protect this great country. Many of these soldiers are young men and women out of high school who are giving up or postponing college and their lives to defend this great country and our rights. Their families have to deal with them going out on their own in frightening far away towns and cities with the fear that they might not make it back.

For me, I have often overlooked these sacrifices and go about my own agenda but I am asking everyone reading this blog to take a moment before the end of the year and give thanks for this great nation and our military. Appreciate your time with friends and family, delicious food and snacks, and all of the many activities that accompanies our Holiday season. Try to remember these soldiers and if you can, send out a letter or one of the thousands of items that are needed (boots, food, snacks, etc.). is a great site that sends your letters to a soldier overseas. I encourage you to check the site out and donate anything you can, even if it is just an uplifting story. Everything helps. wishes everyone a safe and wonderful Holiday season filled with many memories and stories. Enjoy your time to relax and break from the real world. Say hello to old friends and give thanks for all of your gifts. We thank all of our customers  and soon to be customers 🙂 for a wonderful year and we look forward to 2010 with high hopes and many new things to come your way.

Please feel free to respond to this blog with any and all comments or suggestions.

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