Thankful For Mothers…Day

Mothers Day is coming up on May 9th, 2010. It is a time to celebrate the women that have made us who we are today. Often times these women are our biological mothers but sometimes they are adopted mothers or our figurative mothers. It is a holiday that is celebrated across the world usually in March or May and has been recognized as an official holiday in America as 1914.

Mothers Day can be traced back to ancient Greece when festivals recognized Cybele and Rhea, the mother of the Gods. Ancient Rome celebrated Juno, the patron goddess of Rome, Christians celebrated Mary, the mother of Jesus, and many countries had their own special day or parade to celebrate the mothers of the country.

There was not an established day in America celebrating mothers until Anna Marie Jarvis, a woman from West Virginia, helped establish it in 1908. Following her mothers death in 1905, she set out to establish a day that mothers would get the recognition and relaxation that they deserve. Following the first few celebrations, it continually kept growing until West Virginia declared it a state holiday in 1910. All other states soon followed and it became one of the most important holidays of the year.

These special ladies in our lives make sacrifices each day so that we might be better people. They take time off of work to take us to our practices and games. They force us to eat with the family so that we can spend time together. They get mad at us when we get in trouble. They stay and help us when we are hurt. They forgive us when we misbehave.

No matter what, they help us become who we are. I ask that this year you let your “mother” know that is appreciated and that she is making a difference. Get her a nice Mother’s day flag and/or garden flag 🙂 and get ready for spring!

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