The 7 Flags of Racing (part 2)

So last week I gave you a breakdown of the 3 most used flags in NASCAR: the green flag, the yellow (caution) flag and the checkered flag. Now, we will go over some of the lesser known flags.

The White Flag

The white flag indicates to the drivers that only one lap remains in the race. It marks the beginning of the most exciting lap in motorsports! 



The Red Flag

The Red flag indicates that the track is dangerous to continue on and all cars are stopped. These cars are either escorted to the pit stalls or are stopped at a specific location on the track. Drivers and crews are not allowed to work on their cars during a red flag. Many different situations can cause red flags to be flown, including rain, debris, fires, etc.

The Black Flag

A black flag is flown when a driver or team has done something illegal and they are being penalized. In NASCAR, this flag is most often when a car has surpassed the pit row speed limit. If a part of the car is beginning to become a hazard to the rest of the drivers, such as a bumper hanging or falling off, the black flag will summon the driver into the pits to get it fixed before being allowed to continue racing.

The Blue Flag

The Blue with yellow striped flag indicates to slower traffic that faster traffic is approaching. It does not necessarily require the drivers to let the faster cars pass though, as many might believe. During races, these are usually only shown to lapped (cars that have been passed by a full lap) car, but during testing, practice and qualifying, the flag can be waved at anyone on the track.

There you have it! All 7 NASCAR flags! I hope that this helps you understand races a little more, and at the very least give you an understanding of the flags used. If you are looking for a racing flag set, please visit our site and check out the NASCAR flags!

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