The Texas State Flag History

Texas Flag

The State Flag of Texas

The state flag of Texas is probably the most popular and most sold state flag of the United States of America. Known as the “Lone Star Flag”, it was adopted on January 25th, 1839 as the national flag of the Republic of Texas. It later became the state flag of Texas on December 29, 1945 when Texas became the 28th state to join the Union. It borrow elements from many flags including the flag of Chile, flag of North Carolina and the flag of the United States of America.

History of Texas Flags

The Alamo Flag

The design currently known as the Texas state flag was one of the many flags that have flown in Texas. The state saw a large number of flags previously, most noticably during the Texas Revolution. The Texas Revolution took place between October of 1835 and April 1836. At that time, Texas was a portion of a Mexican state: Coahuila & Tejas. Americans who had been entering Texas had outnumbered the amount of Texas Mexicans and after the Mexican president began taxing these Americans and closed the borders coming into Texas, the war broke out between the Texans and the Mexican Texans. The Texans eventually won and Texas became a republic free from Mexico & the US. Some of the flags that flew in the battle are Battle of the Alamo Flag, The Texas Naval Flag, The Come and Take It Flag and the Dodson Flag. At that time, the Lone Star Flag became the official Republic of Texas flag.


The Texas Flag is designed with three colors: red, white and blue. According to the Texas Flag Code of 1933, the red stands for bravery, the white stands for purity, and the blue stands for loyalty. The single star represents all of Texas and the unity of “God, State and Country” – ultimately leading to the nickname of Texas, “The Lone Star State”. The blue field runs 1/3 of the length of the flag while the red and white runs the remaining 2/3. The 5 point star always has one point facing upwards and the diameter of the star is equal to 3/4 the width of the blue stripe.

Houston Texans Flag

The Texas State Flag has lent its design elements to many flags still being used today. Many of the sports teams of Texas have borrowed the star and/or color design. These are just a small sample of professional teams that have used the Texas design:

  • Dallas Cowboys: (NFL) Single Star logo
  • Houston Texans: (NFL) Single Star and red, white and blue colors
  • Dallas Stars: (NHL) Single Star logo
  • Houston Astros: (MLB) Single Star logo
  • Texas Rangers: (MLB) Single Star and red, white and blue colors
  • Houston Comets: (WNBA) Red, white and blue colors
  • San Antonio Silver Stars: (WNBA) Star logo

The Texas flag is a staple of America. Becoming one of the most recognizable flags of our nation, it stands for pride and courage. The state makes up the second largest state of America in both population and land size. Known for its cattle, crop and oil production, it has become one of the greatest contributors to American history, industry and advacement. I hope this brief history helps you have a better look at Texas and its flag. Check out our blog and our website: for a great selection of American, State and Historical flags.

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